External aluminum blinds

New aluminum blinds with remote control in the color you want

Shutters aluminum

The long life of the outdoor blinds is guaranteed thanks to its use
of high quality materials that can withstand the external conditions.

External blinds can be used as a protective element as well
in residential and office buildings and production areas.

Outdoor blinds are available in 18 different colors
For orders with a total area of ​​70m2 blinds we can offer other colors,
such as RAL and NCS plates.
Guide for rails, brackets for supports are available in anodized or any
color according to RAL.
Blinds are available in each color depending on the RAL, color allows
architects to complement or harmonize the appearance of the facades.

External blinds can be installed directly in the window, inside
prepared space under the facade or facade

Below are the plans available for blinds.

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